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The intensive course in psycho-corporal techniques for human development proposes a full-immersion experience in the Río Abierto System for a period of 4 weeks. Under the general coordination of Dr. María Adela Palcos, founder of the Río Abierto System, accompanied by a team of professionals with extensive experience, the course is designed especially for participants from around the world and from Argentina who are willing to make a unique nurturing experience in the place where all this started 45 years ago, and still continues to develop. The focus of the work is customized according to the previous experience of the participants and the various topics each one is interested in. Activities include workshops, discussion groups, individual sessions, practices and free participation in all classes that are offered regularly in Río Abierto Argentina. Furthermore, each course includes a journey where participants will live together, allowing them to share and enhance their learning experience.


Start : Monday, August 3, 2015
End : Friday, August 28, 2015

The course includes a trip to the Andes that will be held from 19 to 25 August.



The course consists of five main modules organized by specialized instructors who will provide the theoretical fundamentals, the practice and the experience of each of the techniques that make up the Río Abierto System.

Experience and theoretical underpinnings of the Río Abierto System

Teacher: María Adela Palcos

In this module the theoretical foundation of the Río Abierto System will be investigated. The philosophical and psychological elements that support the various psycho-corporal techniques that are part of it, and the theoretical and experiential development of body, mind and spirit connection.

Contents: The dimensions of Being. Opening and expansion of cosmic consciousness. The relationship with the natural forces. Mental and spiritual breathing. Meditation in movement and stillness.
The human being as energy. The distribution of energy. The energy centers. Location and function of each center. Dynamic interplay of the energy centers. The centers of energy and movement. The centers interference and its impact on daily life and health.
Essence and personality. Personality and False Personality. Interior work in everyday life.


Expressive resources at work on oneself

Teacher: Lidia Crescente

Work will span from the movement to the connection with dramatization, writing and plastic expression, instruments of the Río Abierto System. This module aims to achieve further development and expansion of the self; enhancement of one's perception; getting a connection with the expressive resources of one's body, and a connection with the spontaneity and sense of inner freedom that ease a reconnection with our creator Being.


Working with the body blocks through the massage

Teacher: Carlos Carraro

The circulatory, relieving, energetic and corrective massage as part of the individual work on one's self helps to mobilize and make flexible the body blocks that weaken and imprison us. By achieving the recognition, the expression and the awareness of the body blocks, it is possible to release the retained energy and recuperate strength and the joy of life.

Contents: The body reading. Support points. The circulatory-energy massage. The use of hands. The different "touches". Breathing rhythm and massage. The development of perception and proprioception. Psycho-physical integration: physical and psychological postures, their correlation. Blocks, defenses, barriers.


Inquiry into the sound and release of the voice

Teacher: Leonardo Piatti

Releasing one's own voice allows to unlock the internal paths of our body. Thanks to the vibrations of the tissues muscles relax, the fluids circulate, nerves are calmed. The sounds are a vehicle for our emotions. Emotions are mobilized with tones and can be unlocked, transformed or expressed.

The world of sounds extends beyond what we already know, like music and language. If we allow the sound, freed from our conscious control, to emerge from our body, and if we pay attention to its qualities, we can realize a new range of experiences.

The work of voice liberation allows us to discover a richer way to feel our body and to learn how to listen to ourselves.


Main elements of vital expressive movement class

Teacher: Viviana Britos

The class of vital expressive movement is a gateway to the work on one's self. Moving with the music, at the pace of one's breathing, moving with the expression of emotions, of pulse reflex, we put our bodies on a journey to essence itself, slowly going beyond the hindrances along the pathway. Each joint release, each muscle function recovered, each new sensation experienced, each emotion expressed, is a step in that direction.

Contents: The vital expressive movement. The use of music in the Río Abierto System: the rhythm as the promoter of vitality. The melody. The sequence of movements. Muscle and joint work. Breathing. Motion and emotion. Development of expressive power. Centripetal and centrifugal movement. Meditation and movement.

Potrerillos, Mendoza. Wednesday 19 to Tuesday 25 August.

The trip is a unique experience of living together in a natural setting, chosen for its particular energy intimately related to the origins of Río Abierto, which fosters an ideal climate of openness and connection with oneself and with the others.
The group is made of participants of the intensive course and students from Buenos Aires who wish to share this wonderful adventure, coordinated by María Adela Palcos and instructors from Río Abierto.
Accommodation is in the 'Cabañas Cumbres Andinas' of Porterillos, with a direct view of the snowy peaks. During these days, besides the intense work on oneself, there will be the possibility of walks in the mountains, group works and visits to magical places like Aconcagua or hot springs in Cacheuta.
Departure will be from Buenos Aires on Wednesday night, August 19th, and it is planned to be back on Tuesday morning, August 25th.
Lodging, meals, transportation and domestic transfers are included in the course fee.


The course includes activities 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday. Activities include individual and group sessions, general and corrective classes, observation and practice, with a personalized approach according to the experience of each participant. The program consists of specific classes and optional classes that students can select according to their interests. The trip to the Andes integrates international students with local students in a unique experience, in a natural settings especially chosen for its particular energy that allows to deepen and broaden the Work on One's Self.



The tuition fees cover:
At the Río Abierto Headquarters in Buenos Aires: all the workshops of the intensive course; 1 individual session per week, one of which with Dr. María Adela Palcos; and a free pass for all general classes that are held in Río Abierto during the month of the course.
During the trip to the Andes: round trip transportation from Buenos Aires to destination; accommodation in cabins located in Potrerillos, Mendoza Province; breakfast, lunch and dinner at a local resort just a few meters from the cabins; transfers to the Aconcagua National Park and Hot Springs in Cacheuta, among others.

For the details on the fees for this year please contact: indicating your country of residence.


After completing the course, a certificate of attendance will be released to all participants, recognized by the Río International Organization as an introductory course or as an upgrading course, according to the level of experience of each participant. Participants who are already instructors of Río Abierto will receive a certificate of specialization.
The certificate does not enable participants as instructors. Each country has its own training program for instructors, of a duration of 3-4 years.



To enroll, you must complete and return a questionnaire for admission. Once the admission is confirmed, registration is formalized by sending a deposit of 10% of the fee via Western Union or by submitting an electronic copy of the air ticket, as appropriate. Registration will be open until one month before the start of the course or until all positions are filled.



Accommodation can be arranged on your own, or we can provide you with a list of budget accommodations, furnished apartments or family homes close to Río Abierto Headquarters. Inquiries should be addressed to:



In Buenos Aires and surroundings there are many nice places to visit. You can also make day trips to nearby destinations that are very attractive for a healthy relax. The city has always been famous for its cultural life. Museums, cinemas, theaters and different types of shows offer a wide range of possibilities of entertainment. You can learn of the different options offered by our city by visiting the official website of the City of Buenos Aires:

Río Abierto's headquarters is located in Palermo neighborhood, an area known for its wide range of cuisine, with prices between 10 and 15 dollars per person. According to the type of accommodation , there is also the option to buy food and prepare meals in the place of lodging.



For all information on fees, registration and accommodation options please contact us by writing to indicating your country of residence.